STG Divorce Law

STG Divorce Law

Introducing The New STG Divorce Law

Welcome to a Better View

Sullivan Taylor, Gumina & Palmer, P.C. is now known as STG Divorce Law! We are the same law firm founded by Maureen Sullivan Taylor in 1994, joined by Juli Gumina in 1998, and Raiford Palmer in 2013. We renamed our law firm to better represent our mission as we grow to serve more clients in Illinois.

Last year, we began a complete review of our business to find how we could better serve our clients, we realized that our law firm and the other law firms in the divorce and family law space had largely remained the same. This was true despite huge advances in technology and changes in the way our clients live and work. 

We decided to take on the challenge of reinventing and innovating our law firm. We’ve spent substantial time and expense turning the law firm inside out to focus on and improve our clients’ experience. 

We made major updates to our technology, improved processes, launched our new website, and allowed our team to work 100% remotely, which meant a seamless transition when the pandemic lockdowns hit. Our clients were not disrupted and we were able to continue providing excellent service. We implemented software allowing clients to review and sign documents electronically, even on their mobile devices. Clients now can access all file documents remotely any time they wish. STG has committed to outreach on social media, creating channels online for free legal assistance for people seeking help with divorce law questions

These radical, client-centered changes caused us to look at our brand identity in the marketplace. It had been many years since the last major update to our look and feel, and we felt it was time to modernize, streamline, and simplify our branding to better represent our mission of providing clients with “A Better View.”

Our new brand was designed by the great team at Klique Creative. This rebranding process has helped us clarify and organize the core elements of the STG client experience that makes up our success. Going forward, we will be even more intentional about how we work with clients and employees in order to have a positive and lasting impact on their lives.

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