Our Firm

Helping You Through To A Better View

Why Us

Balancing toughness and compassion is what we do best.

When you see something you never saw before it changes you. A rare piece of art, a vintage car, a beautiful valley. But along the road there sometimes comes an unexpected bend that requires a steady hand to help you through to a better view.

Founded in 1994, the law firm of Sullivan Taylor, Gumina & Palmer, P.C. is dedicated to providing compassionate family law services to people throughout Chicago and the western suburbs. Our attorneys bring extensive experience and creativity to our clients’ divorce law matters. As former public defenders, teachers, child advocates, state’s attorneys, and therapists, we are able to help people work through the legal, emotional, and financial issues associated with complex family law matters.

How We Help

We start smarter so you end better.

Our lawyers create a strategic targeted plan with realistic forecasts to get you where you need to be as efficiently as possible. We look at the range of realistic outcomes to save you time and money and help you and your family heal along the way.

We’re not just a team of lawyers. We’re lawyers on your team.

By assigning a partner, an associate, and a paralegal to every client, we ensure that there is always someone in the office to answer your clients’ questions and resolve legal matters. In addition, if necessary, we employ counselors, business evaluators, forensic accountants, complex financial planners, psychiatrists, and psychologists to ensure you receive the best possible legal advice and representation possible.

We function as a team within our law firm to give you the best possible care.

Our lawyers serve a number of legal and community organizations that show our dedication to serving the needs of our community. Some of those organizations include Family Shelter, Inc, YMCA, the Chamber of Commerce, DuPage P.A.D.S., Rise From The Ashes, and the Collaborative Law Institute.

Let’s sit down. We want to hear your story.

If you are considering filing for divorce or need an attorney for any other family law matter, please reach out. We genuinely want to listen.