You're Getting Divorced? What Now?

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Moving forward with divorce on your own terms

You are undoubtedly under a lot of stress and have questions about the legal process and what comes next. We are committed to educating you about the divorce process and helping you move forward with their lives.

Our divorce lawyers strive to not only help you resolve your case, but to educate you about the divorce process and prepare you for the future. During our initial consultation, we spend most of the time listening to you so we can then provide guidance for you to get to a better place.

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Whether you are planning to file for divorce, or divorce proceedings have been initiated by you spouse, we have the knowledge and experience to help protect your financial and emotional interests. There are three primary approaches to divorce: litigation, mediation, and collaborative law. While we regularly use alternative methods to settle divorce issues, we recognize that disputes involving parental responsibilities (child custody), child support and spousal support, and property division often necessitate taking the matter to court.

Divorce Resources

Our attorneys are here to help guide you through this stressful time.

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