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Child Custody and Parenting Responsibility Issues in Divorce

Divorce is rarely easy, and the process can be particularly difficult for parents, as they must make considerations for the best interest of their children. However, competition between divorcing parents can often complicate child-related matters. Our attorneys recognize the inherent emotional concerns and are committed to negotiating and settling cases efficiently whenever possible to minimize the negative impact to the children. As DuPage County attorneys, we are also prepared to litigate when necessary and aggressively advocate for our clients in court.

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With our experience, we recognize that family law encompasses much more than divorce. We are also equipped to help unmarried parents navigate the challenges of child-related issues. Clients in various family situations have come to rely on our knowledge in handling many complicated child concerns. As an example, we can work with you in determing an unfit parent for child custody matters is also of the utmost importance to us; a parent may be unfit for reasons such as physical or emotional abuse, substance abuse, being convicted of a serious crime, and other factors. Our attorneys are equipped to help those dealing with parentage and paternity-related matters, both to establish parentage and deny paternity when necessary. We also work with stepparents, grandparents and other relatives in adoption proceedings.

For parents who are looking to marry or remarry, our team can help draft a prenuptial agreement that not only protects financial concerns, but provides for the continued support of children from a previous relationship. No matter what type of child-related issue a family may be facing, the law firm of Sullivan Taylor, Gumina & Palmer, P.C. is prepared to help.

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