James Bond knows keeping secrets and confidentiality is critical!
STG Divorce Law

STG Divorce Law

Is Your Divorce Lawyer Good at Keeping Secrets?

James Bond (Daniel Craig) at the CIA Headquarters

You want to keep it quiet. You don’t want your personal information, family life details, and financials in public records. You especially don’t want your life broadcast on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We understand. We’re really good at keeping secrets.

All attorneys in Illinois have an ethical duty of confidentiality. See Rule 1.6 in the Code of Professional Conduct. But we take this a step further. We will never talk to the press about your case. We won’t chat about your case with other lawyers we know, or our friends or family. We won’t tell anyone we represent you. You’d be surprised to know some lawyers brag to their colleagues that they represent someone important. We limit the attorneys and staff handling each case. We require our contractors sign a confidentiality agreement with the law firm.

We keep very few paper records and have our client data stored in encrypted, password protected, secure web storage with state of the art security. The law firm uses a password management program to assure attorneys and staff use complex passwords. We’ve implemented 2-factor authentication across all applications. We work to keep your settlement agreements as private as possible. We do this by withholding sensitive data such as marital balance sheets and settlement terms regarding the sale of real estate and businesses from the public record wherever possible. We also prefer to resolve disputes outside of court for maximum discretion.

If you like keeping it quiet, talk to us. We won’t tell.

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