Breaking Adoption Myths

myths about same sex adoption

Making the decision to expand your family is the beginning of an exciting adventure. There will be ups and downs and you may not be quite sure what will happen next. However, your life will never be the same again. In most cases, your life will be filled beyond measure and it will be the […]

Most Common Money Mistakes Couples Make During Divorce (And How To Avoid Them)

couple worried about money during a divorce

Let’s talk about the most common money mistakes couples make during divorce and how you can avoid them! Failing to See the “Bigger Picture” Divorce is not just a severing of your marital union and relationship; it is also a business transaction. Though looking at it this way can seem cold, it can help you […]

I pay alimony and I just lost half of my compensation. What now?

You pay alimony to your ex and you just got furloughed. Or almost worse, your comp was cut to the point where you can’t pay all the bills and you don’t qualify for government benefits.   If you are a physician – no one is coming to the clinic. Elective procedures aren’t happening. Chronically ill […]

About the Coronavirus Stimulus Checks…

Chained up money

About the Coronavirus Stimulus Checks from the U.S. Government: How Much will I Receive? The government’s recent stimulus relief bill provides for a one-time payment to Americans.  The payments are up to $1,200.00 per individual and $500.00 per qualifying child. The stimulus checks are subject to income limits.  The higher your adjusted gross income, the […]

A Warning to Pandemic Opportunists

A Warning to Pandemic Opportunists Courts in Illinois have limited function right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are struggling to serve the citizens of Illinois and some are increasing in their ability to serve people sooner than others. The judges have issued orders limiting who can go to court, how matters may be […]

How does COVID-19 affect my family law case?

How does COVID-19 affect my family law case? You probably wonder what will happen with your divorce or paternity case with the Illinois shelter-in-place order. STG Divorce Law is prepared and fully operational. Your case remains in safe hands. The Courts are operating on a limited basis. However, judges are on call to handle matters […]

How to Communicate During Divorce

How to Communicate during Divorce You moved out a month ago. It’s been hard enough having to buy all new stuff at Ikea (and build it too) and you really miss the kids. It’s lonely but you’re doing your best to get along. She just emailed you – she says she wants to take the […]

She said "It's over." How do you choose a divorce lawyer?

You and your wife just told your kids that you are getting divorced. They ran to their rooms crying. You knew this day would come but it is much worse than you even feared. Your heart has been torn out. You never thought it would come to this. You are worried about your kids, your […]

Is Your Divorce Lawyer Good at Keeping Secrets?

You want to keep it quiet. You don’t want your personal information, family life details, and financials in public records. You especially don’t want your life broadcast on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We understand. We’re really good at keeping secrets. All attorneys in Illinois have an ethical duty of confidentiality. See Rule 1.6 in the […]