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STG Divorce Law

STG Divorce Law

I Pay Alimony and I Just Lost Half My Compensation. What Now?

You pay alimony to your ex and you just got furloughed. Or almost worse, your comp was cut to the point where you can’t pay all the bills and you don’t qualify for government benefits.  

If you are a physician – no one is coming to the clinic. Elective procedures aren’t happening. Chronically ill patients are not coming to the hospital for fear they will be infected.

If you own a restaurant – the government shut you down. It made sense for a while, but even with takeout orders, it is not enough. You had to lay off people you loved and worked with for years.

If you own rental real estate – people aren’t paying rent because they’ve been laid off. You care about them, but how can you pay the mortgages and real estate taxes? You don’t have a giant pile of money to tap for this situation.

We understand. We can help with alimony problems. If you’ve been furloughed or laid off, you’ve had a pay reduction, or your business has suffered losses, we can work to reduce your maintenance.

We’re locked down. This thing hasn’t stopped us. We’re working for our clients to make their lives a little easier.

Call us. We will listen and we can help.

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