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How does COVID-19 affect my family law case?

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How does COVID-19 affect my family law case?

You probably wonder what will happen with your divorce or paternity case with the Illinois shelter-in-place order. STG Divorce Law is prepared and fully operational. Your case remains in safe hands.

The Courts are operating on a limited basis. However, judges are on call to handle matters electronically, via phone, or by video conferencing. Court functionality is improving almost daily.

What Can Be Done:

Our attorneys can address the following issues in court: initial requests for orders of protection, return hearings on orders of protection, and emergency matters. The court considers “emergencies” matters that include risk of severe injury or great bodily harm. Emergency matters also include risks of serious and immediate financial harm or removal of access to money, as well as coronavirus related health concerns.

New Cases Still Can be Filed:

We can still file new divorce and paternity cases, motions, and other pleadings. These actions include: motions to modify child support, petitions for rule to show cause, motions to modify parenting time and so forth. The court clerks assigned all existing cases a future court date. The courts can also consider contested matters on certain issues, and handle pretrial conferences remotely.

Collaborative Law and Mediation Great Options and More…

STG Divorce Law can conduct mediation and collaborative law conferences by video, and you can access these with your mobile device or computer. Guardians ad Litem may meet with parents and children over video as well. Our lawyers can finalize divorces and paternity matters. Agreed Orders, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, Child Support Orders, and discovery continue as normal.

We want to help you continue on with your life as much as possible. We will continue to earn your trust to guide you through this troubled time. We are here for you. Call us any time with your questions.

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