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STG Divorce Law

STG Divorce Law

A Warning to Pandemic Opportunists

Courts in Illinois have limited function right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are struggling to serve the citizens of Illinois and some are increasing in their ability to serve people sooner than others. The judges have issued orders limiting who can go to court, how matters may be resolved, and have rescheduled cases for 60 days and more depending on the location. Unfortunately, some opportunists see this as a chance to get away with bad behavior with their co-parent, spouse, or former significant other.

Parenting Time

A parent blocks the other parent from having the children, using the pandemic as an excuse and knowing that not much can be done about it at this time.

Financial Abuse

One spouse attempts to put financial pressure on the other in a pending divorce case, by cutting off access to funds.

Parental Decision-making

A parent wants to fly the children to grandparents’ home in Florida for Spring Break, against the wishes of the other parent.

The Warning

The bill will eventually come due to those engaging in these kinds of behaviors. The courts won’t be happy to hear these things once they get through the backlog of cases. They will want to hear that parents cooperated, that they kept the best interests of the children in mind. That couples going through a divorce tried to act fairly and not take advantage of a global disaster.

The Court will be able to award financial sanctions as a punishment, make people pay for attorneys’ fees, and more. Don’t play with fire. Don’t take advantage during the pandemic. It will catch up to you eventually.

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