Top Reasons to Choose Mediation for Your Divorce

There are many paths to divorce. No single method is “right.” Instead, there is only what is right for you and your marriage. Yet many couples have found benefits to choosing mediation over other, more traditional forms of divorce. The following information outlines some of the biggest benefits to mediation so that you can determine if it might be the most appropriate option for your divorce.

Mediation is Not for Everyone

Before diving into the benefits of mediation, it is important to first understand that it is not right for everyone. For example, situations involving domestic violence, financial abuse, or emotional abuse are not typically considered compatible with mediation. Couples with a high net worth may also wish to steer clear of mediation since they are at a high risk for hidden or depreciated assets in divorce. Contentious divorces are also typically encouraged to pursue traditional divorce over mediation since couples in this situation may be unable to find common ground.

Reasons to Choose Mediation

For those that can and want to pursue a mediated divorce, there are numerous potential benefits. One of the biggest is that couples typically have more control in the process. They also tend to feel as though they receive more personal attention and more time to speak their mind and address their concerns. Mediation is also often resolved faster, and with less cost, than litigated divorces.

Another common but little known benefit among mediating parents is the encouragement to work together to ensure the best interest of their child is preserved. This creates a sense of teamwork that can carry on into the post-divorce relationship. As a result, children often feel less stressed during the divorce process and may even have an easier time adjusting and transitioning into the “new normal” of their life. Yet, even if these benefits do not transfer to the children, parents often find it easier to work together and help their child through the difficult and complex emotions that come with divorce.

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