The Purpose of an Adoption Home Study

If you are planning to adopt, it’s important to understand the facets of the adoption home study. Every state, including Illinois, requires all adoptive parents to go through the procedure of a home study. One way to better understand the adoption procedure is to hire an experienced adoption attorney early on so that you are prepared for what to expect.

There are several purposes for the use of a home study. Of course, one is to learn about the potential “parental fitness” capabilities of the family. Many new adoptive parents are concerned that the home study will focus on this aspect, but it’s actually only one piece of the puzzle. Home studies are also used to educate and prepare parents and families for adoption. This is extremely helpful in order for the family to help their new child adjust to their new surroundings.

The social worker also hopes to forge a connection with the family that can be helpful in identifying children who will best fit with the family. Don’t get hung up on the evaluation portion of this process. While it’s certainly important, remember that you should be asking your own questions, too, and giving the social worker an opportunity to know who you are.

The social worker’s goal is not to find perfect parents, or to make a list of your potential faults. Actually, the social worker is exploring your areas of strength that might help provide a comfortable and loving environment for particular children. Being yourself during the home study gives social workers the opportunity to see how you can meet a child’s needs.

Adoption is an exciting opportunity that can also feel overwhelming. You’ll be better prepared and more confident if you’ve educated yourself beforehand and worked with an Illinois adoption attorney to understand how adoption works. Reach out today to discuss your needs.