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STG Divorce Law

STG’s Raiford Palmer Notes Trend Toward States Enacting ’50-50 Parenting’ Laws

STG’s Raiford Palmer notes the trend toward states enacting ’50-50 Parenting laws in a recent article on The Good Men Project. In the article, Raiford Palmer discussed the rise of laws providing for a default of equal custody and visitation rights. He also shares advice for parents seeking equal or greater than 50/50 time with their kids. These tips include focusing on the needs of the children and careful recordkeeping of time spent with kids. Records of time spent with children are credible evidence supporting a request for equal or more visitation. The article references Raiford Palmer’s bestselling divorce guide book, I Just Want This Done, How Smart, Successful People Get Divorced Without Losing Their Kids, Money, and Minds. The book contains valuable strategy related to custody and visitation. Read this article for more on custody and visitation in Illinois.

Raiford Dalton Palmer Managing Shareholder
Raiford Dalton Palmer, Managing Shareholder, STG Divorce Law

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