Social Media Plays a Role in Divorce

Couples do not enter into a marriage expecting or wanting a divorce. Yet when a couple is no longer able to work or live together, divorce may be the best option.

Infidelity, money troubles, arguments over how children should be raised, and experiencing tragedies such as a serious illness or death can all contribute to marital difficulties and lead to divorce. However, it appears that technology is now impacting couples as well.

Social Media Can Contribute to Divorce

Not every person with a Facebook profile or every person who checks their Twitter feed is going to find his or her way into divorce court. However, CBS Chicago reports that social media can contribute to divorce.

First, social media users may find themselves compelled to use it constantly, like an addiction. Five or six hours spent each day on social media platforms equals five or six hours not spent with one’s spouse or children. Second, jealousy may arise if one partner decides to get back in touch with an old ex via social media.

While these issues may simply be symptoms of a larger problem in the partnership, they can aggravate a problem that already exists.

One Out of Seven Divorcing Couples Blame Social Media

Interestingly, a survey conducted by Censuswide shows that one out of every seven divorcing couples in the U.S. blames social media, at least in part, for a divorce—obsessive use or inappropriate flirting on social media networks may be the cause. Similar to criminals who post evidence of their crimes on their public social media pages, a husband or wife may post incriminating evidence that their spouse sees via social media.

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