Client-Centered Law Firm – Why do You Care?

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Best divorce client service comes from constant improvement.

Your wedding was the best day of your life. You never thought this would happen. No one plans to get divorced. Now you worry about your kids, retirement accounts, and where you’ll live – and how much all of this will cost. You need a lawyer – which is as much fun as needing emergency surgery. We get it and want to make it better.

A new book The Client Centered Law Firm speaks to us. In the book, Jack Newton (founder of law firm management software company Clio) points out how law firms must change to survive. Lawyers can’t expect that you will keep hiring them when the lawyers act like they are doing you a big favor. Lawyers are no longer the Oracles of Delphi controlling the information. The law business has changed – just like investing, coffee, and cab rides. Best divorce client service should be the norm.  

We’ve known this for a long time. We want to change to suit your needs. All systems are now cloud-based, so we can work from anywhere, and meet you where you are. Your case file is now accessible to you any time, so you can see all the documents for your case. Consultations were turned inside out – instead of asking “lawyer” questions, we ask: “Tell us your story.” Your goals and fears are No. 1, not “What’s your income?”

These are just a few of the changes to make your experience better. We aim to be the gold standard in Illinois divorce law. We want to provide the very best divorce client service. We will continue to evolve to make that happen.

We are eager to hear your suggestions. We can’t improve without you.