Preparing for Divorce

Marriages are supposed to last a lifetime, however, there are times when divorce is inevitable. Making sure you are prepared for this next transition in your life is crucial. Having the right people around you for support and as a back-up plan in case you need to move out can help things go smoother. Having things prepared in advance for any situation is a good idea.

Researching all of your options is a great idea, just makes sure you do the research on a computer that your spouse does not have access to, as you want to make sure you are doing things on your terms. Understanding the law in your state before you file will help you see what you are entitled to in terms of alimony, property division, and child support. Child support a difficult part of divorce. Consider who the children will live with, how the custody and support will work best for the kids, and how visitation might work after a divorce. Think about what you would be willing to compromise on, because there is always compromise in a divorce.

Through that process, get an idea of how you will survive financially on a one, single family income. It might be a good idea to open your own account and start saving money in your own name so that your spouse will not have access to the money. Other important paperwork should be copied and put somewhere your spouse cannot get to it. Things such as car titles, bank statements, tax returns, retirement accounts, credit card statements, etc., need to be kept to protect you and to gather enough documentation for any disputes.

After you have gathered this information, find a good divorce attorney. Be open to referrals and interviews. Though it might take time to find the right attorney for your situation, know that if you do your work, it will benefit you in the long run. When you are ready to tell your spouse you want a divorce and have plans to proceed, do it with facts and somewhere public or neutral so tempers do not flare.

To find a good lawyer who will fight for your case contact a DuPage County family attorney specializing in divorce who will know how to assist you properly.