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Property division is often one of the most complex matters associated with a divorce. Determining which property is marital property and what is an equitable distribution of that property can be contentious and may require the help of professionals in a number of disciplines. Typically, marital property consists of any property that was acquired during the marriage. Non-marital property consists of inheritances, gifts, and property owned prior to the marriage and maintained as separate property throughout the marriage.

If you or your spouse owns a business, it will need to be evaluated and its assets divided appropriately. Our attorneys have significant experiencehelping our clients determine what is, and what is not marital property.

In addition, we recognize that many of the decisions made during a divorce can have significant financial and tax implications. Issues such as “who gets the house” and “who is responsible for the debts” can have a significant impact on our clients’ future financial well-being.

Determining the Value of Marital Property

We understand that determining the value of marital property can be difficult. Determining the value of a retirement fund, 401K, non-vested stock options, and closely held or family businesses can require the services of professional business evaluators, accountants, and real estate appraisers. In addition, we work with forensic accountants to help us discover any assets that a spouse may be hiding. Our firm regularly works with professionals in a variety of disciplines to help us determine a fair division of marital assets. We have significant experience handling Qualified Domestic Relations Orders and other methods of protecting our clients’ long term-financial interests.

Expertly Handling Division of Marital Property Cases

If you have any questions about property division or Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, please contact the Naperville family lawyers at Sullivan Taylor, Gumina & Palmer, P.C.