gold standard of divorce law
STG Divorce Law

STG Divorce Law

STG Divorce Law is the Top Choice for Clients in DuPage County

You can’t sleep. You can’t stop thinking about what will happen to your kids, the house, your condo in the city, and your retirement assets. Not to mention dealing with your busy career in the middle of all this.

Do you trust the leader in divorce law? Or someone else?

STG Divorce Law is the leading choice by people getting divorced in DuPage County.

We recently completed a research project where we reviewed the cases filed in DuPage County in 2019. Every. Single. Case. There is no easy way to do this – the County won’t share their information. We tried – we sent a Freedom of Information Act Request. So we reviewed every case in the Clerk’s computer system and gathered the information – who filed, who was the responding attorney, and more. We confirmed that our firm was on top. More people trust STG Divorce Law with their divorce cases in DuPage than any other.

You don’t need to go with your gut. The facts back it up. Check us out online, ask around. We’re No. 1 for a reason. We listen. We understand.

It’s our pleasure to serve you.

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