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Bright Young Lawyer a Shining Light in His Community

Sean McCumber, a compassionate family law attorney and partner at the Sullivan, Taylor & Gumina, P.C., was recently honored by the Illinois State Bar Association. Divorce can be one of the most difficult parts of life for every member of a family, but caring and successful family law and divorce lawyer is crucial to working out the best arrangement for your family during and after a divorce.

The Illinois State Bar Association boasts that not only is Sean a caring family law attorney and partner, but his involvement in both the legal community and the public community, as well as his pro bono activities, help him stand out beyond his fellow lawyers and peers.

Through working with both the Illinois State and the DuPage County Bar Associations, Sean has helped revise local court rules regarding juvenile law and adoptions. On a personal level, in 2009, Sean learned that a teenage boy was about to be placed in a shelter, so he adopted him. The boy, Phil, became part of Sean’s family, is no longer on probation, and graduated from high school last year.

Family law is a part of Sean’s personal and professional life. He works with a not-for-profit organization called LEAVES, which stands for Legal, Emotional, and Various Economic Services in Divorce. The organization helps those who are going through a divorce by holding supportive discussions on the way that a divorce can affect all involved, from the divorcing couple to their children and loved ones.

Through his church, Sean is a volunteer leader for a charity called Blood: Water Mission. The group helps to raise money to build clean wells in Africa, as well as to spread AIDS awareness to those who live there. He also started a college scholarship at a local high school. The scholarship winner is determined by an essay contest held for graduating seniors from the choir department.

The family law attorneys at STG Divorce Law have proven to be caring, compassionate community leaders. A divorce attorney is a critical part of a divorce for any family. Our family lawyers will listen to your situation and help you to make the right choices for your family. Contact us today.

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