Nesting Parenting Plans – When Children Get The House In Divorce

Parents who divorce often spend their weekends preparing the children to shift houses. There is a new trend in divorce, though – one where the kids keep the house and the parents shuffle in and out. It is known as nesting, and for some families, it works. It does have its drawbacks, however. As such, it is important for parents to carefully consider both sides before deciding if it is right for their family.

How Nesting Works

In a nesting divorce, parents split their time with the children in the family home. Some rent their own apartment to stay in while it is the other parent’s turn. Others share an apartment outside of the family home and rotate in and out between the two. Regardless of how they do it, there is a lot of compromise and a need for a great deal of respect and clear boundaries between ex-spouses.

Making Shared Living Space Work

Whether you and your ex will be sharing just the family home or splitting an apartment to save money, you will be sharing space at some point. This means you will still have to deal with matters like who cleans the dishes, who mows the lawn, and who stocks the refrigerator with what each week. Once you have a plan, each person needs to hold up their end of the deal. You should also discuss dating parameters. Will either of you bring prospective partners to the apartment or the house? What will that look like? Privacy is also an absolute must. No snooping through personal things.

Possible Drawbacks

Sticking to your rules and boundaries might be easy, initially, but it probably is not a good long-term plan. At some point, you or your ex-spouse are likely to feel as though you need your own lives and your own space. Further, you do have to consider whether nesting is likely to be more beneficial or less beneficial for your children. Some may struggle greatly with the concept that they do not get to see their parent’s single life. Others may not be able to fully comprehend that their parents are, in fact, divorced. Whatever you decide, make sure you talk the options through with an experienced divorce attorney.

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