National Adoption Day: Celebrating Forever Families

On November 22, 2014, adoption agencies and children’s rights activists all around the United States will be celebrating what is known as National Adoption Day. The purpose of National Adoption Day is to help raise awareness of the thousands of children currently in foster care who are waiting to be adopted by loving, forever families. In fact, there are approximately 100,000 children in foster care today who must wait an average of four years before they are adopted. National Adoption Day is sponsored by the following partners: Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, the Alliance for Children’s Rights, and the Children’s Action Network. With National Adoption Day approaching, one boy from Illinois has already had his dream to be adopted come true.

Illinois Boy Adopted

The harsh reality is that thousands of children remain in foster care in Illinois with no guarantee that a family will adopt them and provide them with a permanent home. However, this was not the case for one young Illinois boy. Fox News recently reported that a Naperville fireman and his wife, an ER nurse, adopted a young boy named Brayden. Brayden, the son of a drug addict who has five other children, was in foster care for 924 days. The adoption is just in time for Thanksgiving, and young Brayden will be able to enjoy the holidays with his new family and will no longer remain in foster care.

Is Adoption Right for You?

Having children is often thought of as a rite of passage, but for some couples it is just not possible. It is easy for couples to get discouraged after years of trying to conceive. However, couples that cannot conceive children of their own have several options. From in vitro fertilization (IVF) to surrogacy, a couple can try and rely on modern technology to bring a child into this world. On the other hand, with so many children stuck in our current foster care system, adoption is a great way to enjoy the joys of parenthood. After all, adoption can be mutually beneficial to the new parents and the child, and it offers a chance for both to live fulfilling lives.

Call an Illinois Adoption Lawyer Today

There are several options available for parents looking to adopt, but it is important that all parents consult an adoption lawyer who is familiar with the adoption process to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If you are contemplating adoption, contact one of our DuPage County adoption attorneys at Sullivan Taylor, Gumina & Palmer, P.C. today. We have helped several families in the Illinois area adopt a child and build a life together.