International Adoptions by American Parents Continued to Fall in 2012

The number of international adoptions by U.S. parents fell again in 2012, according to the Chicago Tribune. About 8,668 children were adopted into American families from abroad in 2012, which is almost 700 less than the previous year, with the majority of children coming from China, a U.S. State Department report showed.

Americans would like to adopt more children from abroad but often there are no children available. And they are becoming less and less available every year, especially with the new law banning Americans from adopting Russian children. In 2004, the number of foreign children adopted was at its highest, at 22,884. China has for years been the most popular country for American adoptions, mainly due to its one-child policy. Ethiopia was the second most popular, with about 1,500 adoptions in 2012. Russia has historically come in third in popularity among American adoptive families, with 748 children sent to the U.S last year, however Americans can no longer adopt Russian children. Many are hoping this new law will change.

One of the reasons to the decline in adoption numbers is the signing of the Hague Convention on domestic adoption. The convention improves regulation of international adoptions in an attempt to reduce corruption. However, it also slowed down adoption processing and stopped adoptions from some countries. Another reason to the decline is that some countries such as China are changing the way they handle international adoptions.

Nowadays, Americans have to wait longer to bring children to the United States. The entire process may take between two to five years, depending on the country.

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