How Does Social Media Affect Your Divorce Case?

The way you use social media can have a direct impact on your divorce case. New social networks and apps are constantly capturing people’s attention and are the focus of countless news stories. Yet at the same time the news is also filled with reminders that nothing we share over the web or via our mobile devices is really private.

What You Say Can be Used against You

The idea that anything you say may be used against you in a court of law is not just for criminal cases. During a divorce case, your spouse can request to see your social media posts, texts, and other digital information as part of the discovery process. Your social media posts can be used to show that you are not being a cooperative parent or that you have been dishonest about issues relating to your assets.

The Internet is Forever

Some people mistakenly believe that if they use an app like Snapchat, or later delete a text, the information will be hidden. However, once you send something over the web, it may exist somewhere else forever—people may take screenshots of your chats or posts and share them with your spouse.

While you may be able to burn a letter and have it be gone forever, the delete button on your email, texts, and social media posts does not usually eliminate the information permanently.

Social Media Guidelines during a Divorce

It is always good to be cautious about what you post on social media. During a divorce or other court case, you should be especially vigilant about what you post. The following guidelines can help you avoid a lot of trouble:

  • Never post anything that is untrue;
  • Do not post or share anything you would not be comfortable saying directly to your spouse or sharing in open court;
  • In general, think twice before you post anything. Ask yourself if what you are posting could be misunderstood;
  • Never post or text if you have had any alcohol. If it is not safe for you to drive, it is not a wise idea to post on social media or text;
  • Do not text or post when you are feeling angry or depressed; and
  • If you have any doubts about what you are considering posting, do not post or share.

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