House Bill 3079: An Illinois Adoption Bill

Involvement in adoptions is one of the greatest perks of practicing family law. While nearly every other type of law, including other parts of family law, has to deal with either resolving disputes or preparing for disputes, adoption is generally a very happy and positive affair.

A child who needs a parent or parents, and a parent or parents who want nothing more than a child, finally have that wish come true. Unfortunately, sometimes the process leading up to an adoption can be extremely complicated and time consuming. However, a bill pending before the Illinois legislature right now would eliminate some of those complications and delays for prospective parents who are trying to adopt a child from a foreign country.

Illinois Legislature Considering Bill that Would Affect International Adoptions

The bill that would change the face of international adoptions in Illinois is called HB 3079. It would amend the Illinois Adoption Act if it were passed. One of the most important parts of the bill, as it relates to international adoptions, is that it eliminates the position of the “Intercountry Adoption Coordinator.” This coordinator is a staff person at the Department of Children and Family Services who is tasked with coordinating the provision of services related to intercountry adoptions. This position sounds like a good thing, and when it was originally created the motivations behind it were positive. However, due to advances in federal law regarding these international adoptions, a state-level coordinator now just provides an extra unnecessary level of red tape for prospective parents.

The Adoption Act, in its current state, allows the Department of Children and Family Services to create rules regarding pre-adoption requirements for international adoptions. Having such requirements is very important, but now federal law does this, so the state regulations are redundant. Additionally, the coordinator currently has the power to determine whether a prospective parent is a good match with a child, and the coordinator can unilaterally stop an adoption that both the federal government and the child’s home country have green lit. This acts as an extra burden on prospective parents who have begun to rely on cumbersome options like adopting a child internationally and then readopting the child in Illinois later on. The bill has been approved by the the House, and is now being considered by a committee in the Illinois Senate.

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