Divorce Basics: Should You Keep Your Ex’s Last Name After Divorce?

Many of the decisions you make during divorce are guided, overseen, or regulated by law. In contrast, the decision of whether or not to keep your married name is purely personal. That does not necessarily make it any easier than the other choices you must make. If you are struggling with the decision to keep or married name or go back to your maiden name, the following considerations may help.

Cutting All Ties, or Still on the Same Team?

If you and your spouse are cutting all ties, have no children in common, and never want to even think about one another again, that might be justification enough to change your last name. Of course, few divorces are ever quite this simple. There may be extended family that you want to stay in touch with. You might share children and consider yourselves to still be on the same team, despite the breakup. Or you may very well remain friends with your ex, which may make things easier or more difficult, depending on the circumstances.

Professional Life, Home Life, and Social Life

Outside of personal preference, there are many reasons that women may choose to keep their ex’s last name. So do so for professional reasons – possibly it would be more difficult to change their business cards or explain the divorce to clientele. Others choose to keep their married name because they have children and would rather not deal with the confusion of different last names. Still others simply want to avoid the sympathy that may come from outer social circles when they learn about the divorce – at least until they are read to actually tell everyone.

Changing a Last Name is a Hassle

If you thought changing your last name was a pain when you married, it can be even more difficult once you divorce. This is because, by now, you probably have a lot more places that your name appears – mortgage documents, loan documents, state identification, passport, social media, and so much more. Some will require that you take legal steps to change your name back. Others are just a time drain. If convenience is what you are looking for, then keeping your name the same might be preferred. Then again, you could always hyphenate.

Our Naperville Divorce Lawyers Can Help with the Legal Decisions

Clearly, a lot goes into every decision you make during divorce. Let our Naperville divorce lawyers handle the legal matters so that you can focus on the rest of the details. We will protect your interests and rights, and we will always pursue the most favorable settlement in your case. Schedule a consultation with Sullivan Taylor, Gumina & Palmer, P.C. today to learn more. Call 630-665-7676.