Could Summer Break Lead to Divorce?

The summer break from school might add more strain to marriages between parents of school age children than any other time of year, according to the Daily Telegraph. Although divorce is challenging for all the parties involved, feeling at the end of your rope and planning to end your marriage is a sure sign that you need to schedule an appointment with a divorce attorney.

The British law firm, Stowe Family Law, determined that as many as one of every five parents find their relationship under additional strain at the end of a long break from school. Financial challenges combined with the struggle to balance childcare and work during summer breaks, when children are home from school, can increase the number of disagreements between a couple. Family holidays and the stresses associated with them have been a motivator for parents to move towards divorce, mostly in cases where the marriage has already been under significant pressure for some time.

The study found that approximately 20 percent of parents admitted that the summer break was a challenging time for their marriage, and divorce lawyers back up the impacts of the long break, too. Divorce lawyers report an increase in divorce filings in early Autumn after children have returned to school.

Attorney Marilyn Stowe said, “Our experience, based on the clients we see at our offices across [England], is that parents may give their marriages ‘one final go’ over the holidays, or delay any proceedings until the children are back at school because they don’t wish to spoil the family’s break.”

In addition, the study concluded that 18 percent of parents had in some form reassessed their relationship (including those instances of separation or divorce) over the summer months.

If your marriage has been suffering and you are contemplating divorce, it might be time to meet with a divorce attorney to determine whether the time is right for you to move on. There are many complex factors involved in a divorce, and an Illinois divorce attorney can help guide you in the right direction.