5 Rules for Winning a Divorce Case in Illinois

There are things to remember in order to help your divorce go smoothly. Our family law and divorce attorneys in Wheaton can help you understand these steps.

1. Talk to an attorney first! – It is very important that you talk to a Wheaton divorce lawyer before doing anything else. Your lawyer will help you to assess the case and should thoroughly educate you in the area of divorce law.

2. Talk to your spouse second! – Obviously, once you have an idea of what is going to happen in your divorce, you are better able to talk with your spouse and try to work things out. But without first consulting an attorney, you are in no position to negotiate a deal.

3. Explore Mediation with your Attorney! – Mediation is a process whereby parties use a neutral person to try to reach an agreement. It has a very high success rate and allows spouses to dictate their own agreement without having a Judge reach an agreement with which neither party may be satisfied.

4. Children? Help them cope with Divorce! – Take the course “Helping Children Cope with Divorce”. This course is required in Bexar County prior to the granting of a divorce and is available around the State. It helps parents understand how little comments or actions on their part can have a devastating effect on their children.

5. Be smart – stay rational – and heed the advice of your attorney! – Going through a divorce is kind of like going through a temporary state of insanity. It is only a matter of degree.

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