STG Divorce Law Celebrates Its 27th Year

stg divorce law celbrating 27 years in business

We are so proud to announce that our firm has been serving clients in northern Illinois for 27 years! Founded in 1994 by Maureen Sullivan Taylor, our goal has always been clear – to be the gold standard for client service in family law and divorce practice. Thank you for letting us hear your stories […]

Pandemic Tax Breaks for Small Business Owners

Did you know there are tax breaks available for small business owners that have been affected by the pandemic? Since 2020 qualifies as a federal disaster, this means there are special benefits you can claim. Not a CPA, consult an accountant for more.

Why You Don’t Want a “Yes Man” Lawyer

When choosing an attorney, it’s important to watch out for these kinds of statements… These are all signs of a “Yes Man” lawyer, which can cost you wasted time and money in the long run.