Top Adoption Lawyers in DuPage County

You’ve tried again and again to have children. After thousands of dollars and many tears, you haven’t been able to have a baby. You’re kind-hearted and you want to be a parent more than anything. You’re thinking about adoption – an amazing gift for children in need. We understand – which is why proudly offer […]

Client-Centered Law Firm – Why do You Care?

Your wedding was the best day of your life. You never thought this would happen. No one plans to get divorced. Now you worry about your kids, retirement accounts, and where you’ll live – and how much all of this will cost. You need a lawyer – which is as much fun as needing emergency […]

Family Law Mediation

A divorce may come after months or years of disagreements, and the process can be ugly. For some people, this is exactly what they want; the competitiveness can be cathartic. However, for others, a less contentious approach is more appropriate. This is particularly the case where there is a child involved and the divorcing spouses […]