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Restraining Orders in Domestic Violence Cases

When you have been the victim of domestic violence or the threat of domestic violence, getting law enforcement involved as soon as possible is crucial to protecting your safety. When you believe that you are in immediate danger it is possible to obtain a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the person you fear by filing an affidavit at your local courthouse. In Illinois, actual violence does not have to occur in order to obtain an order of protection.

Grounds for a Temporary Restraining Order

What a Restraining Order can Accomplish

Depending on the terms of the restraining order, the court can restrict someone from contacting you via phone, email, or letter, entering the shared family home, selling marital property, owning or possessing a firearm, and coming within a defined distance of you. A restraining order can also temporarily suspend parental responsibilities (child custody) and visitation or parenting time rights. If the terms of the restraining order are violated, it becomes a criminal matter, and the police can intercede on your behalf.

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Our attorneys are skilled in working with clients involved in domestic violence situations. We assist clients in collecting and maintaining the necessary documentation to establish a pattern of abuse. We work closely with our clients to help build your case and protect your safety and the safety of your children. Additionally, our firm helps guide women towards the shelters and counseling programs they need to free themselves from domestic violence situations.