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Anthony Vechiola, J.D., CDFA, CFL Promoted

Meet Anthony Vechiola, JD, CDFA – Senior Associate

We are pleased to announce that attorney Anthony Vechiola, has been promoted to Senior Associate Attorney with STG Divorce Law! Tony started with the firm in the 2004 as a law clerk at age 20, then got a college degree and paralegal certificate, and became a paralegal with the firm. He wasn’t going to stop there! He went to law school at night while working full time with the firm, passed the Bar, and became an attorney with STG! We are very proud to have Tony on our team and appreciative of his contributions both to our clients and to other members of our team.

Unlike many divorce lawyers, Tony has a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst designation which he has maintained since 2016, as well as a Certified Financial Litigator designation as of 2019. These credentials make Tony uniquely suited to work on complex financial matters. Tony handles litigated divorce matters both solely and in conjunction with other lawyers and paralegals in the law firm. The issues of alimony, child support, business valuation, asset valuation, retirement, and real estate all intersect in divorce. Having a lawyer on our staff with additional training in these areas is a real asset for our clients. Even when he is not directly working on a case, he assists other lawyers in the firm on divorce financial calculations where required.

If you need a divorce lawyer in the Chicagoland area, call us. We have the team to get you to A Better View!

(The Supreme Court of Illinois does not recognize certifications of specialties in the practice of law. The CDFA and CFL certifications are not a requirement to practice law in Illinois).

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