Changing the Narrative: Making Divorce A Positive Step Forward

Divorce is now as much a part of a normal adult life experience as is marriage—most marriages in the United States will end in divorce. Despite the negative images in the media, many divorces are not ugly and hostile. Even when a couple has to litigate important issues, divorce can be a positive step forward in someone’s life.

Divorce is Not Failure

The traditional way to think of divorce is that a marriage ended in failure. However, many relationships have a natural ending point. Divorce does not mean that one or both partners failed to make a marriage work. Instead, divorce can just be part of the process of ending one relationship and taking a step forward towards a new and happier future for both spouses.

Conflict Management

If you want your divorce to give you something positive to build from, you need to manage the conflict with your former partner. This means never speaking negatively about your spouse to anyone, including your children, your parents and friends.

When you share harsh or negative statements about your partner, you are then reinforcing those feelings in your mind. You are also making it possible for word of your feelings to get back to your spouse, which can escalate the conflict between the two of you. This does not mean that you cannot stand up for your rights. You and your attorney should protect your interests. However, keep your efforts focused within the context of the divorce process.

The more hostile two spouses are, the more expensive a divorce becomes. Moreover, both sides will be less satisfied by any eventual outcome.

Building Positive Relationships

Going through a divorce may allow a couple to develop a healthier relationship. Additionally, if children are involved, then the two divorcing individuals will still be connected for years to come. Not living together can allow former spouses to become friendlier than they were prior to the divorce. Having a solid working friendship with an ex-spouse is better for any children. It can also be a source of healing as ex-spouses move forward to other relationships.

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