Mediation May Help To Lessen The Pain And Trauma Of Divorce

To say that divorce can ever be made easy would be dismissive of the situation itself. Yet, there are ways that divorcing couples can reduce some of the pain and trauma often associated with the difficult process. Mediation is one such option. Learn how this alternative dispute resolution method can help you in your divorce, and how you can most effectively use it to your benefit.

Mediation Can Reduce the Financial Stressors of Divorce

A lot of the cost associated with divorce goes toward the litigation process. Each party meets with their lawyers, they negotiate back and forth on terms, and if neither party can agree, then it goes to court for litigation. By this time, each party may have logged several hours with their attorneys, and there were likely several calls on their behalf. Add in the cost of the settlement itself, and litigation is generally the more expensive way to divorce.

Mediation can help to ease some of the financial stress because it encourages the couple to work toward a common goal. Time logged with attorneys is often reduced, and even if the parties eventually return to court for a modification, the cost typically remains much lower than in a litigated divorce.

Mediation Can Reduce the Emotional Stress of Divorce

Much of the stress in divorce can be attributed to the “winner takes all” feeling that one gets in a litigated divorce. It seems as if each party is coming at things from opposite sides, and rather than remember that you once loved and could communicate with your partner, you feel you have to defend your right to parent, receive a settlement, or walk away with a particular asset.

Mediation takes a different approach. Rather than pushing you to different sides of the divorce, it encourages you to work together. You and your spouse communicate, either in the same room, or through your mediator, to come up with a solution that everyone can live with. You can use it for child-related issues, which are often some of the most emotional aspects of divorce, and you can use it to determine your divorce settlement, including who will get which assets.

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