Joseph F. Emmerth IV


Joseph is an award-winning attorney in the Family Law arena. He has been voted an Illinois Super Lawyer and a Leading Lawyer by his peers for many years. Joseph won the prestigious Client’s Choice Award from and was also a two-time Chair of the Illinois State Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Judicial Evaluations. In addition to being a sought after public speaker, Joseph is also an author, having published “Winning Your Divorce: The Top Ten Mistakes Men Make and How to Avoid Them” in 2017. He has also contributed to other publications, such as “Divorce Insights: Conversations with America’s Leading Divorce Professionals.” Joseph has over a decade of experience fighting for men in our legal system, and is one of the few attorneys left who has tried a divorce case on the grounds for divorce (and won.)


I’ve never liked it when people get a raw deal.  And more often than not, our legal system hands out raw deals to men and fathers all over Illinois.  Although judges don’t like to admit it, our legal system (and even some of the laws on the books) put men at a disadvantage.  How are men and fathers supposed to get fair treatment in a system where everything has been designed to help the other side?  What can men do to make sure they are treated equally by the Courts? Who can men and fathers turn to when divorce leaves them with an uphill battle?

That’s where I come in.

I’ve made it my mission to see that men and fathers don’t get steamrolled by our court system.  I was a counselor before I was a lawyer, because I’m driven to help people.  In the therapy world, my job was to help people work through and overcome their problems.  Now, my job in the legal world to level the playing field and ensure that you get treated fairly by the laws and the Judges who apply them.  I focus on getting you the results you are entitled to in the court system.  A large portion of my practice is coming into cases that are already in progress, where my client’s first attorney has made mistakes, or has not been effective.  I also do a large number of prenuptial agreements, which are a man’s best tool for ensuring he gets fair treatment in the event of a divorce.  It’s long overdue for men to start fighting back in the legal system.  I’ve played rugby on other continents.  I’ve been a bouncer at a college bar. I am not afraid to fight for you.  Frequently, once I get involved in a case, the other side wants to discuss settlement, which leads to a shorter process and a cost savings for my clients. When I’m not in Court, I relax by watching horror movies, traveling, having good conversations, a good cigar, and good bourbon.

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