Preparing For Adoption: Understanding The Home Study Process

Families who want to start or grow their family may turn to adoption for any number of reasons, and every adoption experience is unique. However, there are similarities from one adoptive family to the next. For example, all must navigate through a legally complex process to get from prospective adoptive family to a happy and complete one. Part of that process is the adoption home study.

What is an Adoption Home Study?

One of the most anxiety-producing aspects of the adoption process, the home study is designed to ensure the prospective family is safe, secure, and capable of adoption. It also doubles as an educational process to help families prepare for the adoption of their child. Required in all states, it can take months to complete and will often vary in its content and exact structure by state. However, most will include at least some (if not all) of the following:

  • Training and/or parenting classes;
  • At least one visit to the family’s home to ensure that it is safe, has enough space, and meets state licensing requirements;
  • Health statements to ensure that prospective adoptive parents are physically and mentally capable of raising a child;
  • Criminal background checks on prospective adoptive parents (and possibly any other adults living in the home);
  • Income and health coverage statements to verify that the prospective adoptive parents are financially capable of raising a child;
  • An autobiographical statement for each prospective parent;
  • Reference queries; and
  • Interviews that may involve questions about your daily life, experiences with parenting, upbringing, support system, education/employment, and overall feelings about adoption.

It is important to remember that the home study process, while nerve-wracking and exceptionally grueling, is designed to ensure that children are placed in homes that are safe, loving, and prepared. While it can feel like your entire life is being held under a microscope during the home study process – and in some aspects, it really is – many loving families have survived it before you, and you can as well.

Home Study Survival Tips

The adoption home study process can be overwhelming and stressful. Feeling as if your family’s entire future is resting on the outcome only further heightens the effects of these commonly experienced emotions. So, as impossible as it may seem, it is important that you try to rest, relax, breathe, and support one another through this process.

Prospective parents should also approach the home study with honesty and at least some insight as to how the process works. Further, families should seek support from their friends and loved ones. The assistance of an experienced family law attorney can also help to reduce stress levels. Able to help you navigate the legal complexities, file appropriate documents, refer you to the appropriate agencies and resources, and even represent you in court, they can be yet another support system and ally in your adoption journey.

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